The Future of Summer Programs: American Position [Opinion]

Nov 5, 2019 | Ace International

Much has been said about the future of the Cultural and Labor Summer Programs that hundreds of countries do in the United States, due to the enthusiasm of the President of the United States in wanting to bring a sustainable labor balance with Americans.

Under the premise that Labor Exchanges provide part-time or full-time employment to people from other countries, it is believed that they fall within the range of programs that have a greater impact on the labor system of that country.

However, these are programs where people last up to a year, or six months, and perform functions that are a pillar for the support of a particular city or State. On the other hand, the Labor Exchanges offered by agencies like ours offer a very valuable potential for the economy of the United States, since not only our students have a job that does not affect the growth of that State, but also our students contribute to the development of that community, being part of it, contributing and learning, as well as consuming.

This agency abides by all current and future policies on legal immigration and will support any decision made by your Excellency President. Our cultural and labor exchange program will continue to offer its services, and will continue to abide by the policies of the United States Department of State for the sake of better attachment between two cultures.

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