The Work Environment in the United States

Nov 5, 2019 | Ace International, Ace Summer, Summer Work

What is the work environment you like the most? Most young people from many parts of the world want to work in the United States. Some of these young people come through labor and cultural exchange programs from other countries. While it is true that a large percentage of these people who go to work have an idea of what the work environment is like in that great nation, others cannot imagine how different it may be from their country of origin.

The first thing is that in the United States you work under pressure, the customer is always right, and employees have more rights than you can imagine.

Working under pressure does not have a negative connotation, since since you also work as a team, and your work performance is measured by the final product, workers put great effort into making their work look complete, even if it is in a “deadline.” " very tight.

The customer is always right. Unlike France (where the customer is not always right and the employee has the right to tell him to his face) the United States has a broader philosophical principle when it comes to the customer, since it is known that the customer he is dealing with well, it always comes back.

Lunch, entry and exit times; Payday and trying to follow your contract to the letter is not something that a worker in the United States should worry about. By having a J1 visa, like the one you get when you go to work in that country, you obtain the same rights that any native employee has.

In conclusion, working in the United States can feel overwhelming when you arrive, but don't panic, your colleagues will make your work stay have the best work environment.

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