What is learning English by immersion?

Aug 15, 2022 | English

Learn English by immersion

Language learning methods evolve and improve over time, and there are many ways to teach, books, audio, distance courses, face-to-face meetings and more.

 English is currently learned by immersion; You must be wondering: What is learning English through immersion?

We can say what it is to learn English by immersion, it is a systematic learning method that involves understanding things through images and sounds, just as we have learned Spanish since we were born. Which means everything is based on the English language, which directly helps to think in English.

Learning English is one of the necessary expectations for people who consider growing professionally, since it is a privileged language competing in the world.

What is immersion itself?

We can determine language immersion in the techniques used to learn a language that is not another language. When you learn to role play, it motivates you to be the protagonist and you are responsible for your own learning.

 Learning is egocentric, so we also set limits for ourselves when we study, which is why it is important that you know what learning English by immersion entails. What is learning English by immersion, how to start

With what it means to learn English by immersion, you must want to learn and have a medium that allows you to learn. as their main learning method.

Where can I register to take English by immersion?

In the Dominican Republic there is an English immersion program and you can register and obtain information on the official MESCYT portal by visiting the following website.

Who can benefit from this learning modality?

Anyone who learns English with the intention of speaking English, specifically those who wish to travel abroad, apply for a cultural exchange program (we remind you that at ACE we do the coolest cultural exchanges in the world), immersion allows you to hear the language as it is is spoken.

We remind you that at ACE International we accompany people between 18-26 years old to live an unforgettable cultural exchange experience with our Summer Work and Travel program to the United States. We have few places available for the summer of 2023, hurry up!

You can get more information here below.

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