Why apply Early to Summer 2023?

Jun 16, 2022 | 2023, Ace Summer

At Ace International we help you enrich your resume so that you have a new work experience in the United States (USA) while having the opportunity to learn about new cultures and make new friends.

In the first months of 2022 we broke the record for him Summer Work Thanks to the thousands of students with big dreams, preparation and motivation who participated with us, that is why we invite you to be part of the thousands who will participate in the next group to experience the great opportunity to improve and be more independent.

Don't you know what Summer Work is? we explain it to you here

One of the questions that many young people ask us the most is, Why apply early for Summer 2023 and not at another time if the program is for next year? 

There are many advantages to applying on time to Summer 2023, among them are:

  • Which allows you to be one of the first to interview for the first job that will be offered. 
  • You can also have more time and at the same time easier to search for the documents required to apply.
  • You can get early guidance from our team, which will help you choose and be chosen for a good job.
  • You can get to know the company you want to choose and the guys who have already worked in said company and their experience.
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You have more questions?

These are some of the most frequently asked questions by young people regarding the Summer 2023 program.

1-When does the document process begin?

It's a good thing it does since you started the program and received your acceptance. Start managing your passport, study letter and other requirements you need. 

2-What is the age limit I have to apply for the Summer 2023 program?

26 years

3-Can I choose the state I want to work in or is it the one Ace International chooses?

Of course yes, you can preselect a job position if you meet the profile that that company or position is looking for.

4-If I am in the residency process, can I apply?

Not in this case, since it is not wise to open two processes at the same time, the correct thing to do is to terminate the process that you have already processed.

Is the interview in both languages?

Yeah in general; 20% in English and 80% in Spanish. Language is not an excuse not to apply.

How many university credits do I have to have to apply?

You must have a minimum of 12 credits to apply.

If you want to know more about the Summer Work and travel 2023 Program, I invite you to visit our YouTube channel, watch our latest videos.

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