How should I prepare for my career fair? 🛄

Nov 22, 2021 | Ace International, Summer Work, Summer Work and Travel

USA Job Fairs – Summer Work and Travel 2022


Our long-awaited USA – ACE Job Fairs are held at the end of each year, with this year's start date being November. At these fairs, thousands of interviews are processed with university students from the Dominican Republic interested in doing a cultural and work exchange in the United States, which is why ACE calls on you to  prepare yourself and some tips for such an acclaimed day. .
On the other hand, we want you to feel comfortable on the day of the event and that is why we have developed these tips to help you prepare for your interview.

🟠 Clothing
You must come dressed appropriately. Do not come with caps or any type of informal clothing (no jacket or tie); just try to have a business casual code. Elegant-casual. 
🟠 Punctuality
You must arrive on time. Seriously, on time. Punctuality is a very important aspect when it comes to an interview, especially coming from an American culture. Do you remember Dominican time? Forget about her. Try to be there at least 20 minutes in advance.
🟠 Know your place
It is always important to know who is going to interview you and for what position. Do your research on that and feel free to learn as much as you can about the company interviewing you, as this will show that you are interested and have prepared for the interview. If you go to her it's because you want the job, right? Think about how you could be useful in this position and be prepared to answer those questions.
Follow the education protocols we know you have. Feel free to give a firm handshake (Americans greet this way) and say hello as you enter. Words like: good morning, good morning, greetings. You should introduce yourself and introduce yourself with a big, friendly smile (don't overdo it). It is normal to get nervous, but we advise you to prepare by talking to people, whether family or friends, to practice for your interview and the possible questions they will ask you. When you answer, try not to use fillers to answer as it could show a strong degree of nervousness that would reflect that you are not prepared. The more prepared you are, the less nervous you will feel.
Limit yourself to asking questions about the position or position you are applying for, except about salaries. If you are applying to it it is because you already know about a 100% about what type of position it is.
🟠 Management
Concentrate and listen well to the questions they ask you. Respond according to their lines. Do not answer what you have not been asked and try to be brief, such as -How are you? -I'm fine, and you? That's all. You don't have to express how “good” you are. If you don't understand a question, feel free to ask them to repeat the question, something like: Would you be so kind to repeat that for me?
If you heard the question, notice that most questions involve the way in which they should be answered. If, for example, someone asks you, what else do you like about hotels?, the word “like” and “hotels” should be included in your answer. For example: “What I like most about hotels is…”.
Be prepared to answer questions in English. The following questions below are an example of what you might be asked. As examples, we have:
· Tell me about yourself
· Why do you want to work here?
· What do you know about this company
· What specific skills do you have that would relate to this position?
· What makes you a good candidate?
· Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses?
· What are your goals in the future? Etc.

Finally, say goodbye cordially and that's it. Practice these tips in your home (not on the street). If you have any questions, please contact us. Below you can follow us on social networks. We wish you good luck.



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