Everything you need to know about Summer Camp! 📚

Oct 21, 2021 | Ace International, Summer Camp, Summer Work


Summer Camp is a program that provides the opportunity to live a unique experience at a summer camp in the United States. Such camps seek international staff qualified in a variety of skills and from different countries to share their customs and traditions from their home countries. Camps are located throughout the United States, in both rural and urban settings. Generally, camps look for participants who have an interest and some experience in working with children. They also look for those who have a special skill they can teach the campers.

Most camps have an average duration of 2.5 months during which participants must remain in the camp until it ends. The camps will also have a one-week orientation before starting. Certain positions require participants to arrive a week earlier than other staff to attend specific training. The camping season is usually from June to August. Participants are welcome to travel after their program. In general, all camp applicants must be enthusiastic, energetic, and love working with children.




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