Summer Camp by Ace International

Sep 9, 2021 | Summer Camp, Summer Work, Summer Work and Travel





The Summer Camp Program provides the opportunity for international participants to live a unique experience at an American summer camp. These camps seek qualified international staff in a variety of skills and from different countries to
share their customs and traditions from their countries of origin

Types of Camps:


Camps are located throughout the United States, in both rural and urban settings. Camps operate as overnight or day programs and offer a variety of different experiences. Below are the most common types of camps:


  • Private Campgrounds: Privately owned and managed by individuals or families.
  • Nonprofit Campgrounds: These are owned by nonprofit organizations.
  • Specialty Camps: Those dedicated to a particular activity or specialty.
  • Special Needs Camps: Dedicated to children and adults with disabilities.
  • Theme camps: they specialize in a particular sport or activity.
  • Day camps: Open only during the day and campers go home at night.
  • Religious camps: with religious emphasis, mainly Christian and Jewish camps


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