3 Reasons to do Summer Work and Travel 💭

Sep 2, 2021 | Ace International, Summer Work and Travel

What is Summer Work and Travel?

Summer Work and Travel is a cultural and labor exchange program designed by the United States Department of States that provides the opportunity for young university students to visit, learn, learn and exchange cultures. The duration of the program ranges from 3 to 4 months and takes place during the summer holidays.

Requirements to do the Summer Work by Ace

  • Be an active university student.
  • Be between 17 and 26 years old. 
  • Possess basic knowledge of the English language.
  • Not be in the North American residency process.


¿Why Summer Work/Travel?

Reason #1✅

Cultural exchange is the #1 reason for doing the Summer Work. Thousands (if not millions) of students from all over the world go to the United States in these 3-4 summer months to exchange cultures, experiences, bilingualism, and develop professionally.

Reason #2✅

Studying the English language within our island is an excellent decision to expand our linguistic knowledge; However, traveling to the United States and exchanging ideas, opinions, and passions with different people from around the world will catapult your horizons in that language.

Reason # 3.✅

Social Independence is another reason to do this cultural exchange. But what is social independence? It is about growth as an individual capable of understanding one's own skills and weaknesses by seeing oneself in the mirror where decisions are made by oneself. In the Summer Work Travel of the United States, students are their guardians and tutors, they provide their shelter, food, and social destination.


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