Cultural Exchange Programs: Origins and Principles

Nov 5, 2019 | Ace International


There are many reasons to travel to the United States. You want to see your cousins who emigrated a few years ago. Perhaps one of the reasons is because you want to improve your level of English. Other people think that cultural integration is the number one immigration backbone when stepping foot in the United States. The main value that the cultural exchange program gives you is the interconnectivity that exists between that country and the rest of the world.


The United States has had cultural exchanges with a little more than 60 countries since 1968. They began granting J1 visas to 4-12 month students to occupy temporary positions while contributing to the growth of that nation, since 2 weeks to 4 weeks were required. It allows the student to know, travel, contribute, and expand their horizons in the city where they exchange. The student works 8-12 weeks to be able to pay for their stay and be able to sponsor their cultural trip within that great nation.

Temporary positions are a source of income; a temporary help that establishes a cozy stay and allows you to control a shortened space that will fill you with surprises every day, since the student learns to do things for himself: he learns to control his budget, to do things for himself and for others , to know for the first time his independence, but, more than anything, it fills him with fundamental principles to understand life itself.


The student who graduates from the cultural exchange program has the skills and abilities to perform in any field or discipline. Right now you cannot think of a domain or field, profession or job in which a student who graduates from our programs cannot develop. This is thanks to the fact that the time they lived in the United States taught them to work as a team, to follow a professional model, to manage conflicts, to solve problems quickly, and, why not, to have a positive attitude at all times. .


“The student goes to the United States and for 4 months makes a fortune, which he shares with his family when he arrives in his country.” That's nothing more than a myth. The program you do does not mean that you have to profit financially. Seeks that you can develop in the area in which you are developing, and with your job you can maintain a comfortable stay and turite in the city where you would live. Our principles and values have not changed since the creation of the cultural exchange programs in the Dominican Republic; an opinion that we share with the United States Department of State.


The fundamental principle is wanting to live a cultural experience in the U.S: travel, meet, talk with people from other countries; practice your level of English and increase your culture. These are the objectives of exchange students, who over the years have given shape and meaning to cultural exchange agencies in our country.

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Ace International is a founding member of the Association of International Cultural Exchange Agencies to continue promoting the effectiveness and efficiency of our programs in the Dominican Republic.

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