Steps to Apply to Ace Summer Work and Travel 2018

Nov 5, 2019 | Ace Summer, Summer Work

You must be an active college student. Active means that you are currently studying at university. Emergencies happen and you could have missed a semester for some reason; However, when you have more than one semester without having completed it, or when you are irregular in the sequence of your studies, then you would not be an active student, but rather an irregular one.

When you arrive for the interview, you must bring your most recent study schedule. For example, if your interview is in December, you may have already finished that semester, so you must bring the study schedule from the previous semester (September-December). Likewise, if your interview is in February, you are already sure that you registered at the university and you must bring the study schedule for that semester, not the previous one.

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The basic level of English refers to the ability that a person has to talk about topics such as: family, colors, directions, places, things inside a house, use the present simple tense, present continuous, past and future well. ; talk about purchases and interests. Among interests, it is worth highlighting that a person can say what they like and don't like: movies, food, physical activities. The person should feel comfortable also telling their daily routine, etc.

If we ask him: What do you do in the morning? Your answer should normally be: In the morning, I wake up at 6:00 AM and brush my teeth, after that I go to the university. In an answer like that you are using routine and activities in the present simple. That's a basic level of conversation.

The age is 18-28 years old. A person who is 17 years old, turning 18 before April (of the year in which they would travel) can apply. Likewise, a person who is 28 years old, but turns 29 before April of the year in which they would travel, would not be able to apply. There is also a relationship between the level of university studies you have and your age. More information about that will be provided in the interview.

You must carry a copy of the ID card or a copy of the passport. The document you bring to the interview must be current.

A lot of information about the program will be sent to you by email and the WhatsApp number is important for any emergency communication we have with you, such as opening a talk, or a document that we need quickly, etc. So have a secure email with you, that you use, and that you remember your password. Try to have a number with WhatsApp, and if you don't have that application there is no problem. Just try to have a contact number.

The interview has a price of RD$1,000 that can be paid at the time of the interview or paid to a Banco Popular account, if you reside on the outskirts of Santo Domingo and Santiago, where the interview can be done by Skype.

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