English by Immersion and the United States: The perfect combination

Nov 5, 2019 | Ace International, English

If you have already graduated from english by immersion, traveling to the United States of America is the best thing that can happen to your level of English. To begin with, having practiced for four hours a day (Monday to Friday) for a period of 10 months will give you the confidence necessary to function in the multicultural environment of those tumultuous cities. Below we will give you some details of what to do to increase your fluency and accent in just 4 months.

Age to apply

Today the immersion program is offered to a huge number of university students who are between 18-35 years of age. For this reason, perhaps the objectives of a person who has just started university, and those of someone who may be finishing it or may have finished it a few years ago, are totally different and, therefore, priorities change and the need to last 4 months in the United States may not be as valuable to others. That doesn't mean it can't be done.

If you are between 18 and 28 years old, a cultural and work exchange program would be the best option to be able to practice your level of English once you have finished English by immersion. There are other programs for recent graduates or people who are between 20 and 30 years old, the Internship Program: a paid internship program where the interested party seeks work in the United States and is offered a 6-month contract. to one year, depending on the program.

Cultural Exchange

For some, cultural exchange is a term that only defines the accumulated experience of people from different cultures for a certain period; For others it is one more reason to go on vacation. Whatever your approach, you would be communicating with English-speaking people, which would significantly increase your level of English, and it is for this reason that doing a cultural and work exchange in the United States is the goal to follow for a graduate of the program by immersion.

Personal and professional development

Everyone who has spoken with a native English speaker feels enormous conformity with themselves. It is a natural response to years or months spent learning something one was not born with. It feels very different from learning how to multiply the hypotenuse, or knowing the history of the Bermuda Triangle, or the consequences of the French Revolution; speaking a foreign language when you are already an adult is a sensation that is only understood by those who have lived the before and after experience; and traveling to the United States yields those results. For this reason, your personal and professional development are intrinsically linked.


Once you have graduated from the immersion program, decide how you will improve what you have already learned. Remember that a foreign language cannot be learned completely. It could take you a lifetime to perfect what you have already learned, but if you already have the doors open to a cultural and work exchange program, where you could live for 4 months in an English-speaking country, do not miss that opportunity and APPLY NOW!

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