Ace Summer Work and Travel

Nov 5, 2019 | Ace Summer, Summer Work


Our main objective is to provide students with the opportunity to be part of a work and cultural experience in the United States, so that they can meet people from other countries and at the same time learn about their culture; Also through this opportunity, the student can develop a sense of independence and at the same time expand their knowledge, opening a door to both personal and professional development.


The program was created by the United States Department of State with the purpose of bringing cultures together. More than 60 countries are part of the program, so that students can be part of a cultural and at the same time work experience within the North American territory, also allowing student development, and in a work environment for cultural development.


The cultural and labor exchange program is designed so that the student can remain in the United States for a minimum period of 3 months and no more than 4 months of work, which is enabled through a work permit issued through the sponsoring office with prior approval from the United States Department of State, so that the student has the opportunity, after the end of his work period, to enjoy a space to vacation, visit his family, get to know other States, taking into account We always recommend that the student return to their country of origin, preferably before starting their university classes for the September-December period, so that staying longer than that could cause inconvenience in future participation.

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