What is the application process like at Ace International?

Nov 4, 2019 | Ace International


The Summer Work and Travel process takes time. Patience and respect for these processes describe us as a new civilized society that we want to be. One of the first steps to take to do the Summer Work is to apply. “Apply” is a very ambiguous term. “Apply” does not mean that the student is in some kind of lottery where his/her name will be randomly selected to live an experience in the United States.

Nope. It is not like this.

“Apply” means showing interest in sharing and learning from a new culture, where more than 60 countries do the same every summer. During the application, we will contact you to schedule an interview or confirm the desired date on your form. Once the day of the interview arrives, different aspects, attitudes and aptitudes are observed by our representatives to determine if the student meets the requirements established by the program to be part of the program.

Usually, after evaluating the student's profile (data provided by the student) the company will take between 24 to 48 hours to respond to the Applicant, as long as the Applicant does not present a special case that requires a more in-depth review. The company reserves the right to refuse admission to the program for participation in cultural exchange in the United States.

Ace International seeks to expand the cultural level of young university students eager to increase their IQ, adding day-to-day experiences that will shape their spirit, their reason for being, and who want to expand that knowledge once they return to their country.

The process takes time. But is it worth it.


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