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Rafael Martínez and Ramón Tavarez, accounting and business administration students, respectively. Former participants of the Summer Work and Travel summer program, while working in the United States, had the idea to start a project that would provide students with theOpportunity to grow in the United States and live a cultural and work experience.

Although there are agencies on the market dedicated to these purposes, it was understood, for that year (2004), that it was almost impossible to participate in a summer program. These two young people, who knew this type of program very well, had the vision of making it more closely known to university students in the Dominican Republic.

In 2004 this project was carried out; more of 20,000 young people have lived the Summer Work and Travel experience, hand in hand with a team where all its current members (employees) have had the experience of participating in the program and living this dream that opens doors to the future.

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Our presentation

General objective

Offer university students the opportunity to learn about other cultures and improve the English language.


We seek the benefit and total satisfaction of the client, reinforcing our ability to identify their needs, and to develop appropriate solutions together with them.


To be the first and the best choice of customers for the products and services we offer. We will continue to be the market leaders in cultural exchange programs.


Our values define the profile of ACE, guide our paths to follow and present how we relate to our stakeholders.


We are characterized by our attitude of service to others: our clients and colleagues. It gives us satisfaction to serve them and create a relationship with them. We believe that long-term relationships are formed based on our attitude of service. The attitude of service is associated with unrestricted respect, personal and dignified treatment, which goes beyond meeting the needs of others, exceeding their expectations.


We understand that by working together we take advantage of synergies and this makes us stronger. We respect and encourage diversity. Mutual support is vital for achieving the objectives.



Identification, responsibility and involvement, the institution, clients and colleagues. It implies a proactive, empathic, self-improvement, assertive and persevering attitude towards excellence.


We associate it with the optimal use of resources. We adhere to our processes and procedures to provide outstanding service to our customers.



It is constant innovation. It is our ability to understand our customers and translate it into the products and services we offer.


Loyalty, Commitment, Teamwork, Customer Service, Personalized Treatment, Cultural Scope